Olympians Named at Park City Mountain Resort


Thanks Becca for the write up

The Sprint US Snowboarding Grand Prix went off last weekend. Thanks to everyone who made it out to support the athletes and partake in the various festivities.  And if you didn’t make it out, here’s what you missed!

The two-day event started on Friday, January 22nd with round one of halfpipe competitions.  The snow let up long enough for Park City All-Star Shaun White to pull a double Mc twist out of his bag of tricks. Here is what the judges had to say about the overall showing that night:

1. Kelly Clark 45.2
2. Hannah Teter 44.8
3. Ellery Hollingsworth 43.6

1. Shaun White 49.0
2. Scotty Lago 47.7
3. Greg Bretz 46.7

Just before White and Clark were declared pipe king and queen once again, Park City Mountain Resort was honored to unveil the 2010 Olympic commemorative stamp. Because who doesn’t love stamps, you know the ones you use to mail things?


Day 2 was no less exciting with the Burton Super Demo Tour, X-box Junior Jam, Sprint Grand Prix Finals, a free Concert by 30 Seconds to Mars and of course the 2010 Winter Games U.S. Halfpipe Team Announcement.  I’m exhausted all over again just writing it.

ShaunWhiteThe Junior Jam was ill with tons of little rippers throwing down on a mini rail jam set up.  Park City Snowboard Team’s Gabe McGovern and Anna Miller both took home first place prizes, including an Xbox and a free camp session at High Cascade this summer. Coming in second and third for the boys was Team Utah Park City’s Jacob Hunsaker and Matt Grant; for the girls Park City Snowboard Team members Shay Coghlan and Delaney Coghlan. They left with more shwagg and prizes from Xbox than you can shake a stick at.
Saturday’s  Sprint US Snowboarding Grand Prix was the main attraction of the weekend for good reason.  Thousands of people trekked into the snow to see the Olympic hopefuls perform and no one left disappointed. Olympic vet, Shaun White put down a run of epic proportions that forced a 49.5 out of the judges. Later White was quoted saying “There is always room for improvement. The judges haven’t given a perfect score yet, but I’m going to get it.” Personally, I would be pleased with the 49.5, there’s nothing wrong with rounding up. In the same pipe where she earned her first Olympic Gold medal, Kelly Clark boosted a front-side 9 earning a 47.4 in her first run of finals. Comfortable with that score, Clark was able to take her second run as a victory lap.

After the competition, the masses migrated to the Bud Light stage where Thirty Seconds to Mars rocked out, getting the crowd stoked for the US Olympic  Halfpipe Team announcement.

As many expected, Shaun White and Kelly Clark head-lined the team. Utah local, Louie Vito waltzed his way onto the team to represent the US for the first time along-side first time Olympian Scotty Lago. The 2006 Gold and Silver medalists, Hannah Teter and Gretchen Bleiler made up the rest of the team. The athletes were stoked, as they should be, even the Olympic veterans were giddy with excitement.  First timer, Lago had this to say about the experience, "I'm still in shock right now. Obviously, it's been a huge goal of mine for the last couple seasons to make the team, and to realize that I just did it, so many things are going through my head."

Olympic Team_picnikCongrats and good luck to the athletes and to everyone at USSA and Park City Mountain Resort who put in countless hours to make this all happen: Thanks, all your hard work is truly appreciated!
For scores and details check out: www.ussnowboarding.com


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