featured  Riley Snyder

team winners Maggie Voisin, Moo Eakin, Erica Durchi, Alana English,

featured  Riley Snyder

slopestyle podium Taylor Lundquist, Nadia Gonzales, and Emma Whitman

featured  Riley Snyder

Annabel Blake

featured  Riley Snyder

Catherine Warchal

featured  Riley Snyder

Erica Durtschi and Taylor Lundquist

featured  Riley Snyder

Veronica Kelly

featured  Riley Snyder

Steph Sue Feld

featured  Riley Snyder

Emma Whitman

The 6th Annual Queens Cup Recap

In its 6th year, The Queens Cup Open was the ultimate battle royal between shredder ladies. This year's competition welcomed bigger spins, harder technical rail trickery, smiles and high fives from all participants.

emma-whitman (emma-whitman)
Emma Whitman, photo: Riley Snyder

The weekend started off with the Pro Throw Down, where snowboarder Steph Sue Feld and skier Veronica Kelly were named the Queens of Jibbing in their respected disciplines. With 30 competitors Steph and Veronica earned their titles and were rewarded with $500 each.

steph (steph)
Steph Sue Feld, photo: Riley Snyder

Veronica nailed tricks like blind and front switch ups over the rail- gap- box feature, 450s out of the front box and fast plant 270s on the down box. Steph did a front flip off of the flat box, surprising the crowd and getting a huge reaction from both judges and onlookers.

veronica-kelly (veronica-kelly)
Veronica Kelly, photo: Riley Snyder

 On Saturday, the stakes were set high again and skier girls competed against each other to be named the Queen of Slopestyle. Under bluebird skies, it was New Mexico's Nadia Gonzales who earned the title and won herself $500 as well as a pair of Moment skis. Nadia threw tip top rail tricks into a switch 540, right 360 and left 720 to earn her title.

erica-durtschi (erica-durtschi)
Erica Durtschi and Taylor Lundquist, photo: Riley Snyder

In second place was 17 year old,  Park City local Taylor Lundquist. Taylor scored a perfect score in the rail section by throwing rail tricks like a 270 on, switch up, 270 out of the up- down box and also received Boom Botix's biggest boom of the day award.  Whistler's Emma Whitman came in third by throwing smooth grabbed 360s and cork 720s in addition to smooth rail tricks.

catherin-warschal (catherin-warschal)
Catherine Warchal, photo: Riley Snyder

In Queens Cup fashion, product was awarded to the team that performed best overall. This year it was Erica Durtschi's team of Moo Eakin, Maggie Vosin, Taylor Lundquist and Alana English.


annabel-blake (annabel-blake)
Annabel Blake, photo: Riley Snyder

Overall the Queens Cup is about commradery and progression in women's skiing. Waking up Sunday morning to a reported 6 inches (which skied more like a foot) of fresh powder, the girls decided to forgo the halfpipe competition in leu of skiing pow. While we would have been stoked to see what these girls were ready to throw down in the Eagle Superpipe, it was impressive to see these girls charging Park City's agressive terrain by hiking Jupiter Peak, going off cliffs and down steep chutes.

Queen's Cup 2011 Results:

The Pro Throw Down Rail Jam Winners

Veronica Kelly (skier)

Steph Sue Feld (snowboarder)

slope-winners (slope-winners)Slopestyle

1st - Nadia Gonzales

2nd - Taylor Lundquist

3rd - Emma Whitman

4th - Cat Warchal

5th - Julia Krass

6th - Marley Rodwick

7th - Veronica Kelly

8th - Alexi Micinski

9th - Annabel Blake

10th - Alana English

winning-team (winning-team)Winning Team

Erica Durtschi (coach)

Moo Eakin

Maggie Vosin

Taylor Lundquist

Alana English

BoomBotix Biggest Boom of the Day - Taylor Lundquist - 270 on, switch up, 270 out





December 27, 2012

Events Preview - Friday Night Jib Fights & Recon Tour

It's event seaosn. Our first two events are paying out cold, hard cash. Get up here and get paid.

Fri Jan 6 2012 9:00 AM - 04:59 PM MST

Friday Night Jib Fights

Stop two of the Friday Night Jib Fights winter contest series.