Men's Sprint Grand Prix Snowboard Finals Set

The men aired it out in the superpipe this morning, fighting for one of the 12 spots in Friday's Sprint U.S. Grand Prix Men's Snowboarding Halfpipe final and the results are in...

white-pipe-qualis Shaun White during one of his Wednesday morning qualifying runs that put him straight to Friday's finals


Yiwei Zhang (CHN), Shaun White (USA), Luke Mitrani (USA), Gregory Bretz (USA), Louie Vito (USA), Ben Ferguson (USA), Zachary Black (USA) and Scott James (AUS) advanced directly to Friday's final by finishing in the top 4 in each of their heats.

With the final's last 4 spots to be determined in the semifinal, Dimi de Jong (NED), Ben Kilner (GBR), Scotty Lago (USA) and Taylor Gold (USA) emerged to round out Friday's field.

The women have dropped into the pipe and started their own qualifying. Track their scoring, and all the week's events, LIVE here.

Snowboarding finals will be held Friday 11:00 am - 1:00 pm in the superpipe - free and spectator-friendly!