Neff Land

"Neff Land, which is a progression park (that might be the most fun mini park on the planet) is located on King Con Ridge with some serious views of Park City, and includes a range of pint-size features from ride-on boxes to 10 foot tables."

-Alex Schlopy

Recent Media

February 07, 2014

Featured Feature: The Cupcake

Come up to Neff Land and grab something sweet!

January 24, 2014

Featured Feature: The Mellow Rainbow Box

There's no right or wrong way to hit this thing.

January 18, 2013

Featured Feature: The Candy Canes

The up-down candy cane jib up in Neff Land. Really sweet.

January 04, 2013

Wednesdays with Wallisch - 3.2

The second episode of the 2012-13 Wednesdays with Wallisch series has Tom training and then returning to I Ride Park City and even hitting up a little snowboard shred session.

December 22, 2012

Neffland is OPEN

The sweetest run on earth is open for business.

November 15, 2012

Neff Land Sneak Peek

What the "I Ride Park City" park crew and Neff design team did this summer: turn the normal ball bonk on its head and bend steel into giant candy canes, and that's just the beginning. Here's your first look at Neff Land's features being built this summer, and a sneak peek at what you can look forward to in our newest terrain park.